Mountjoy Prison in Dublin

Photo credit: Breaking News Ireland
Photo credit: Breaking News Ireland

Nicknamed “The Joy”, Mountjoy Prison is where Christopher served two prison sentences, the second for his attempt to bring 15 kilos of has through Rosslare Harbour.

Read all the details of the 1979 Mountjoy prison riot in the following articles:

40 Hurt in Prison Battle – 1979 Irish Independent (PDF) – (1 of 2)

40 Hurt in Prison Battle – 1979 Irish Independent (PDF) – (2 of 2)

Prison Officers Threaten Action – 1979 Irish Press (PDF)

Jail riot report with minister – 1979 Irish Press (PDF)

Mountjoy riot – 1979 Irish Independent (PDF)

In the aftermath of the riot, prison guards began to suffer harassment on the street.

POA probe intimidation allegations – 1981 Irish Press (PDF)

One interesting point, which did not make the final cut in the book, was that Sex Pistols frontman, Johnny Rotten, was briefly incarcerated at Mountjoy during Christopher’s stay. He was only there for a weekend, during which Christopher did not see him. However he says that, being a public figure and a Brit, he would have been a bit of a target. People would have tried him. From a 1980 Associated Press article, “Johnny Rotten sentenced”:

Punk rock star Johnny Rotten was sentenced to three months in jail by Dublin District Court on Monday for kicking a bar manager and his assistant after they refused to serve him a drink.

The 24-year-old Rotten, who launched the punk craze in Britain five years ago with the now defunct Sex Pistols, was freed on bail of $1,757 pending an appeal.

Rotten, who pleaded innocent, showed no emotion when he was sentenced. Colorfully dressed punk rockers in the crowded public gallery moaned.

The singer, who spent the weekend in Dublin’s Mountjoy prison after he was refused bail Saturday, claimed he was told to get out when he walked into a bar Friday and asked for two pints of lager.

He claimed he began to leave the bar, but was jumped by the barmen and punched in the face and head. He denied kicking anyone and declared: “I’m not a violent person.”

Rotten is in Ireland to perform with a new group formed by his younger brothers.

Another inmate of note was unionist bomber Fred Parkinson. Christopher says he was kept in solitary confinement in the basement. He would have been killed if allowed into the virtually all-Catholic general population.

Loyalist is ill-treated in Mountjoy – 1978 Irish Press

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