Mad Outta Me Head

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Mad Outta Me Head by Colin Post
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Mad Outta Me Head follows the life of Christopher Kavanagh and his love of drugs and alcohol — getting “mad outta his head.” From Ireland’s industrial schools and penitentiaries to the heroin epidemic in Ireland, Christopher paints a vivid picture of Dublin’s underworld in the 1970s and 80s.

Christopher’s drug addiction brought him to Bogota, Colombia, where he served three years in Colombia’s largest prison, La Modelo. There he befriended guerrilla insurgents, drug cartel assassins, and many more from the rank-and-file of Colombia’s underworld — mafiosos, killers, thieves, conmen, and more.

In 1989, Christopher was released onto the streets of Bogota at a time when TIME Magazine called it the world’s worst city, the capital of the world’s most dangerous country.

“Absolutely outrageous! It’s a wonder the guy is still alive.” — Colombia Calling Radio

“A portrait of a man whose drug- and alcohol-fueled existence strips the romanticism any traveler may have of the criminal underworld.” — The Bogotá Post

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Addiction and Underworld from Ireland to Colombia